Training Plan: Winter & Spring 2013

Over the next few months I aim to refresh and tweak learned behaviours and our general relationship to where we left off a little while after I fell pregnant with my son.

*Who is now 6 weeks old, where does time disappear to!* 🙂

Also I hope to resume our Straightness Training sessions, which we had just started.

Behaviour refreshing to work on:

– Standing on my right hand side patiently and relaxed for up to 10 seconds.
Will also help with refreshing food manners, use highly motivational rewards.

– Refine mimicry, jackpot relaxation and ability to resist the temptation to busy body.

– Improve half halts.

Straightness Training:

1. Work on relaxation while wearing the cavesson.

2. To be comfortable and able to remain relaxed and still with my hand on the line in position.

3. To follow my hand/feel/
direction of line.

4. Correct forward down.

Play Sessions:

– Navigate (jump?) tyres.

– More Painting sessions.

– Cone work.
WWYLM help to start Straightness Training on a circle?

– Ball play.

To update regularly.

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