Recipe For Success

What can be done to assure that training sessions
will be positive for both me & Rose consistently?

Not that every session will produce amazing, magical results
(although that would be nice lol)
But rather NO sessions will end with a confused & frustrated Jess and Rosie.

Making sure I’m in the right mindset.

Planning the session to suit Rosie’s mood.

Paying attention to whether Rosie fully understands what I’m asking.

Reinforcement rate.

Body language and breathing.

Listening to Rosie’s point of view.

Making sure that work is play.

Justify why i want to achieve a goal, making sure that goal is appropriate for the time & mood.

Not focusing on reaching the goal but on staying in the present and making the best reaction to each moment, a reaction to create peace not war.

Let the moments lead to the goal, not the goal controlling the moments.

Will update regularly.

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